Ruby Colibri

One-on-one on Skype


This video chat is a chance to have cyber private talk with me. Sessions are open to everyone! Women, Men Transgenders. 

All your desires can be considered. Ask me anything.

Meet and Greet me.

You want get to know me or tell me about yourself. This chat session could simply be used as a meet 'n greet with all of my fans. You will see my home, my pool or my kitchen... 

30 minutes:

60 minutes:

Workshops and coaching

This appointment is a  excellent way to work on your dream. Your wishes are learn about stage, about create a burlesque act or learn to be more feminine. You need a coach or a teacher. I'm able to teach you from anywhere in the world... it would be like coming to my home in the privacy of yours own house.

30 minutes:

60 minutes:

Secrets and fantasies.

You want to know my secretly fantasies or you need to speak of  yours. I can almost hear everything and I never judge somebody.

30 minutes:

60 minutes:

Private Showtime 

You know it Burlesque is my life way. ​I can propose you a chat session plus a burlesque act. I will dance for you only for a delicate moment and I will tease to please you.

30 minutes:

60 minutes:

More and more.

Are you looking for something else? Tell me about it during a first date of meeting ...




I do not perform sexual acts. So it's useless to ask me.

I reserve the right to interrupt all sessions without refund if I feel the slightest disrespect during sessions. I am a lady, treat me that way.


All requests for Skype sessions must be sent by private message. All burlesque performances must be discussed prior to booking our appointment via email.

Skype sessions is payable in advance.


Keep in your mind, my native language is french.  Be indulgent if I will searching my words.

Credit photo: Swannee Vranckx

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A dedicoucou

You are too shy for a skype with me but you would still like a little dedication? No worries because I propose dedicoucou on photo or video ...

It's really simple. I write your name, or a friend's name, on me or on a paper and I send you the photo. (Allow 48 hours between the request and the sending of the photo)

On video it is even better because I make a mini-video of  to send you kisses (Allow 48 hours between the request and the sending of the video)