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En 10 ans de carrière, certains tableaux ne sont plus disponibles.
Mais grâce à cette page, découvrez ou redécouvrez mes anciens tableaux.
In a 10 years career, some acts are no longer available.
But you can discover or discover again, my previous acts

The Magician and  his Bunny

Time - Duree :

Dive into a real cartoon like Warner Bros. Travel in first class to the country of giggles.

Poor Francky Lowatt who thought become an incredible magician. But when the bunny steps outside the magic hat, he’s so desillusioned:

She’s really teasing but so sexy too.

It’s a war declaration! Who’s charming who?

Show in duo!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to your best friend?

Happy Retirement to your best employed!

What could be more fantastic than a sculptural pin-up who steps out of a big girly cake?

The most beautiful present for a special event at your hand!

This act was ordered for big belgium companies and even for a drummer of a famous rock band.

Giant birthday cake is not available


Possible under special conditions

Time - Duree :
 7 '30

The queen of Storks

The queen of storks lives on the Strasbourg cathedral’s top. Tirelessly, she sits on an enormous egg.

Filled with blue and pink bundles, her duty is her last reason for living...

Do you know the story of this sad but so majestic queen, and her fallen love ?

Props are not available

Time - Duree :

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