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Ruby Colibri, dressed in pearls and feathers,

hides and reveals her magnificent curves ...

Accompanied by the famous Sidney Bechet's trumpet,

her feathers swirl voluptuous and sensual

and will leave you with a magical memory

very soflty.

Time - Duree :

Feathers & Pearls

Somewhere, in the jungle, the fire goddess roams. No one who catch sight of her is back unharmed.

If your way bump into her blazed grooming, your curiosity will be inflamed by her haughty and majestic type.

Her ardent striptease and her burning dance give you a scorching hot fever. You will be consumed in one last gasp.

Time - Duree :

Jungly Fire Goddess

Miss Bettie Page's Tribute

This act is a tribute to eroticism and sensuality.

This is the one that will suit all evenings by its side so chic and sso sassy!

The tribute of Miss Bettie Page draws its influences from the most famous and fetishist pin-up of history but also from the sublime Loulou D'vil, who inspired me

With singing or not

Time - Duree :
8'30 - 9' 30


As gorgeous as nasty, Medusa is a evil creature who change men in statue.

She will sing her story until you’ll be charmed.

She will hipnotized you by her fan dance merges feathers with snakes.


Hurry up! When the music stops, look away to be save…

Time - Duree :
Long : 9' 30

Time - Duree :
Long : 11'30 (Singing)
Short : 5'30 (not singing)

Despite a broken heart by the love, this beautiful bird of paradise shakes her colourful plumage and she dedicates her love dance.

Don’t close the cage and she’ll come back eating in the palm of your hand or in the depth of your heart.

Colibri de Paradis

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to your best friend?

Happy Retirement to your best employed!

What could be more fantastic than a sculptural pin-up who steps out of a big girly cake?

The most beautiful present for a special event at your hand!

This act was ordered for big belgium companies and even for a drummer of a famous rock band.

Giant birthday cake is not available

Time - Duree :
 7 '30

Merry Christmas

Ruby Colibri loves Christmas,


Every year, she transforms herself into Mother Christmas for her whole family, in the purest spirit of tradition ...

After distributing sugar canes to all her fans, she will try to call Santa Claus for everybody by teasing.

But how far will she go to seduce Santa and distract him from his tour?

Time - Duree :

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